Integrative Counsellor

I have gained experience whilst working in the addictions field, as both a support worker and a counsellor, therefore, gaining a sound knowledge base on what treatment methods work best with all addictions and a good understand of what a client needs to ensure that they have a solid and continuous recovery. I understand the importance of helping a client to set up support networks once completing treatment to help them to maintain a strong sobriety.  


Whilst working as a counsellor at a Carers centre, I counselled clients who face the challenging role of caring for loved ones. I helped them gain insight into the challenging role of becoming a carer and how to adapt to this new role.  I have worked for a Community Mental Health Resource Centre counselling clients with issues such as addictions, abuse, depression, domestic violence, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, bullying, social anxiety, grief and loss.  I have counselled clients who face the long-term chronic illness Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Helping them come to terms with the progress of their chronic illness whilst managing their anxiety and maintaining a level of independence.


I am experienced in facilitating psycho-educational groups on substance misuse, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, gaming addiction, love addiction, shopping addiction, internet addiction, disorganised eating, emotional eating, food for mood, low self-esteem, relationship dynamics, assertiveness, life-skills, nutrition training and healthy eating

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